Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day - a gift from the heart

Hi, I'm back from my Turkey trip for two weeks now and it's Father's Day again tomorrow. This morning my daughters called me to their room and gave me a wonderful surprise which is an advanced Father's Day gift, a new Nokia handphone. Very thoughtful of them since they knew that I am having some problems with my existing Motorola handphone, itself a birthday gift from my wife three years ago. The Nokia is a combined gift from all my children.

Here's a shot showing both the new and the old phone. It is not the top of the range Nokia but it is one of the latest and that will do for me since I always prefer a Nokia to a Motorola because of the more user friendly menu. Note the worn out Motorola.

Together with it was a Father's Day card hand-made personally by my second daughter. It is worth much more than any commercial card in the market since it is made with care and love. It may not have cost much in raw material but the thought itself is priceless. Thank you to all of you, I really appreciate it.

I do not know why but I seem to appreciate the gifts from my children more and more as the years go by, maybe this is a sign of getting old. And a sign of love from the children. Isn't this what all fathers need though they may not say so? So to all you children out there, show someone that you care and give something to your father and it need not be something expensive as long as it is from the heart. Even if it is just a hug.
And when he is still around.

Happy Father's Day!

Ronald Kwok

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